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Workplace injuries during the holidays

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

When the holidays arrive in Maryland, workplaces might become frantic. Unfortunately, chaotic work environments might become dangerous ones.

Holiday seasons and worker injuries

One unique factor driving a potential increase in workplace injuries is the current worker shortage. Many companies need to hire people to fill vacant positions, and those businesses struggling to onboard new hires might choose persons with little or no experience. While these workers could do well in their job, inexperience may lead to mistakes that cause injury. Even someone tasked with light manual duties, such as lifting light objects, could hurt their back or slip and fall.

Injuries might increase during the holiday season when workers in specific sectors find themselves overwhelmed. For example, retail workers may deal with excessive customer demands and needs, leading to distractions that cause accidents.

Workers could become more physically engaged on the job during the holiday, boosting the risks of musculoskeletal injuries. If employers become too demanding, the chances of getting hurt might increase.

Injuries and liabilities in the workplace

Workers could be under pressure to meet the demands of a challenging holiday season work environment. A distracted or overworked employee may get hurt while trying to handle their tasks. These employees may file for workers’ compensation, but independent contractors cannot access workers’ comp. However, they may file a personal injury lawsuit if negligence harms them.

If improper or insufficient training leads to an injury, the victim could have a case. Workplace violence might result in a lawsuit, too. Busy holiday work environments can become stressful and hectic, but that is no excuse for violence. Ultimately, civil litigation may be necessary to recoup losses if someone’s actions or nonaction causes harm.