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Prescription drug violations

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Drug Crimes

A substantial number of people battle their addiction to prescription pills. While many of these persons might wish to overcome their addiction, they might lose their struggles. Although addiction represents a medical condition, Maryland prosecutes those who violate its drug laws.

Prescription pill possession

Several factors contribute to how serious the charges are against someone arrested for illegally possessing prescription drugs. Different drugs are scheduled differently, which affects how the law looks at someone using them illegally. Also, the amount of drugs someone possesses could indicate personal use or trafficking. Trafficking large amounts of prescription drugs would come with far more severe penalties.

Drug laws in Maryland establish penalties for those convicted of possessing controlled substances. Significant jail time and fines are possible, although lesser offenders might receive lighter sentences. Regardless, a drug possession conviction could leave someone with a permanent criminal record.

Defenses against possession

Anyone accused of drug crimes has the right to defend themselves. Sometimes, the charges lack merit, such as arresting someone who does possess a valid prescription. The defendant may petition to dismiss the charges upon presenting the valid prescription.

The defendant might also prove the drugs belonged to someone else. Such may happen when the police search a home or vehicle. The individual facing arrest might get the immediate blame, even though they did not know about or control the drugs. Proving the drugs belonged to another person could establish the accused’s innocence.

Violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights might result in illegally obtained evidence that is not admissible in court. When the police lack probable cause or a required warrant, the defendant might seek to suppress the evidence. Without evidence, it would be challenging to prosecute a case.