Attorney Alvin H. Thomas Jr. will fight for you.

Protect Your License From DUI Charges

After receiving charges for driving under the influence (DUI), it can feel like there is no defending yourself, and taking a plea deal is the best option for you. In reality, taking a plea deal too early may cost you the better outcome you may have been able to reach. Thankfully, there is help in getting the best results available in your DUI case.

At the Fort Washington office of Law Offices of Alvin H. Thomas Jr., PLLC, you can meet with a skilled criminal defense attorney with more than 15 years of experience defending clients from criminal charges in the Washington, D.C., area. Attorney Thomas knows what is at stake in these cases, and you can rest easy knowing he is fighting for your best interests.

Finding The Right Defense

Every criminal defense case is different and calls for a custom-tailored strategy to defend your rights. Attorney Thomas can review your unique case and explore possible defense options like:

  • Police error
  • Tampered or missing evidence
  • Improper blood alcohol content level testing
  • Lack of probable cause

To find the right defense for you, Mr. Thomas will review all the details that make up your case, including police reports and witness testimony. He makes no assumptions and never takes shortcuts in his work.

Consider The Consequences

While you may think a misdemeanor for a first offense will not have a large impact on your life, these charges have both legal and collateral repercussions. While legal consequences include fines and jail time, the charges and conviction also can result in you losing your job, having difficulties earning future employment, being denied student loans, and even getting rejected for rental applications.

Start Preparing Your Defense

The sooner you schedule your free initial consultation with Mr. Thomas, the sooner he can begin developing a defense plan you can depend on. Call his office today at 240-269-6006 or email him here to take the first step in your DUI case.